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Company Overview

Eclipse Resources is a regional market leader, supplying petroleum and energy related products to industrial producers and consumers in Europe and Asia. We play an active, growing and competitive role in the energy markets focusing on developing a global presence and diversifying our activities through the whole energy supply chain.

The company’s main objectives are: to be a reliable and competitive partner, to provide the best solutions to our counterparties, to help our partners to expand and develop their businesses. We take a customised approach to each client, flexibly using creativity in pricing and logistics, with strict risk management and control. Our traders employ the most advanced financial instruments to meet our business partners’ needs.

Eclipse Resources indirectly invests in assets, which are closely related and complementary to our core trading activities. Company investments are focused in the areas of production, transportation, storage and retail of energy products. This strategic approach allows us to increase our reach, strengthening our position both with local producers and consumers.

Eclipse Resources is a privately held company, owned by its management and employees. Headquarters are in Zug, Switzerland. The company employs many energy professionals, all of whom combine vast experience in oil logistics, refining, distribution, marketing, finance, market intelligence and trading as well as broad regional networks of strategic connections.